Transform Maintenance and Services (TMS) is a new company specialized in providing technical personnel in the Netherlands. As your international business partner Transform matches your demands for your work in the Netherlands or elsewhere in Europe.

We believe that to achieve success, you must not only speak the market's language but understand its culture. We do both. And our international personnel fits this description to fullfill the work required. With a proven track record, we are your first stop for technical personnel.

Transform can provide technical personnel in a range from low to high skilled. Welders, electricians, painters, grinders, cnc operators, pipefitters, metalworkers, isolationworkers and even engineers.

We can send them as individuals or as a whole team. We are also able to take the entire project out of your hands.


Transform serves its Dutch clients with qualified workpeople in several branches. For example: shipbuilding, shiprepair, industrial productions, metalconstruction, petrochemical industry, scarefolding etc.

Transform is also available to help foreign companies to establish themselves in the Dutch market.
We can organize the legal and safety regulations. Furthermore, we can organize the local logistics for your employees.


Some impressions of our recent work:


The Legend is another amazing project from the owner Jan Verkerk. We were pleased to cooperate to transform an old icebreaker into a luxury yacht. We supported this project with welders, grinders, electricians, mechanics and painters.


Merwelands asked us to help them out with painters and grinders and we still do.

De Haas Group

We deliver the working force for the De Haas group to maintain the elevator and to repair the ships.

About us

The owners of the company, Antonio Nunes and Menno Mollema, have been working in this field for more than 20 years. They combined the experience of Antonio in finance and legislation with the sales and marketing strategies from Menno. Together they formed TMS. It is a successful combination. Ask our clients !




Transform Maintenance and Services B.V.

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